Frost-Tech Stainless Steel Premium Counter Freezer

These top of the range stainless steel counter storage freezers are ideal for absolutely any catering environment requiring high volume storage, also being able to work perfectly under the extreme heat of a busy kitchen makes it the perfect choice. 

(Maximum operating temperature upto 43ºC/60%R/H)

Code   Dimension WxDxH   Finish   Temp Range   Shelves   Doors
TG15F   1480mm x 700mm x 850mm   Stainless Steel   -18 / -24 °C   4   2
TG19F   1955mm x 700mm x 850mm   Stainless Steel   -18 / -24 °C   6   3

Picture Shown TG19F

Gastronorm Counter


• 304 grade Stainless Steel
• Replaceable door gasket
• Digital temperature controller
• Mounted on castors
• Fitted locks to all doors
• Gastronorm compatible
• Insulation 75mm thick in water
  based polyurethan foam with
  density approx. 42 kg/m3
• Magnetic door gasket on sides
  with counter magnet on gasket
• Door in AISI 304 18/10 stainless
  steel (Satin Finish)
• Ergonomic full height door handle
• Lader rack in AISI 304 18/10
  stainless steel, removable without
  use of tools for easy cleaning
• Monoblock ceiling system to
  enable use of the entire refrigerated
• Monoblock chiller unit removable
  from above for simple and easy
  servicing and replacement
• Refrigerant R404a chiller and
• Controlled forced air cooling
  system to guarantee the maximum
  efficiency and uniformity
  throughout the cabinet
• Automatic defrost cycles for
  energy savings
• Defrost warter evaporation system
  with superheated gas for devices
  with remote cooling unit,
• Defrost water evaporation by
  means of thermostatic resistor
• Control for adjusting the relative
  humidity inside the cabinet from a
  minimum to a maximum
• Control equipped with cabinet
  probe, evaporator probe and
  condenser probe
• Compressor protected by overheat
  cut out with automatic reset
• Evaporator fan stop automatically
  when door is opened
• Alarm signalling tempature

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