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Frost-Tech Ltd are a Commercial Refrigeration Company which specialise in patisserie and multideck display fridge cabinets,  we are also the sole suppliers of commercial refrigeration to Caffe-Nero, Costa Coffee, Coffee1 as well as Wenzels the baker and Wine Rack. We are driven to supplying the best energy efficient and maintainable commercial refrigeration in our industry, our cabinets are manufactured with efficient and environmentally sound components.


Frost-Tech Ltd is based on supplying cabinets in container quantities, for sales of individual cabinets please contact our distributor in the UK, ECO-Fridge: www.eco-fridge.co.uk - 01869 249965

Frost-Tech is the market leaders of a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment for coffee shop, cafes and general stores. Our company covers the design and manufacture of glass display fridge, display freezers, multidecks and storage fridges, as well as their delivery and installation.


Frost-Tech’s environmental management is an essential element of our commercial refrigeration business, we strive to achieve this in all of our manufacturing. We are dedicated to developing and marketing cabinets which have exceptional environmental qualities and which sets the standards of commercial refrigeration.

Frost-Tech see's energy efficiency as an important part of its overall philosophy and strives to attain the best environmental practice in all of its manufacturing operations. We are dedicated to developing & marketing commercial refrigeration cabinets which have exceptional environmental qualities.

Frost-Tech are the sole suppliers to some of the top Coffee Shops in the world!

Patisserie Curved Glass Display Fridge


Paitsserie Flat Glass Display Fridge


Patisserie Double Glazed  Display Fridge


Open Front Display Fridge


Grab & Go Display Fridge


Grab & Go Flat Glass Display Fridge


Stainless Steel Slimline Multideck


Black Slimline Multideck


Stainless Steel Shutter Multideck


Frost-Tech Flat Glass Display Fridge Range

Frost-Tech's NEW stylish stainless steel flat glass patisseries are perfect for cafes and coffee shops, where cakes, croissants and pastries, are on the menu as well as drinks, pannis.

It provides a good blend of top quality manufacturing and durability, with three adjustable glass shelves, a top mounted light, as well as a lage flat glass front, sides and top for optimal visibility. Also with some units having sliding doors for rear loading giving staff easy access for restock and serving, theses commercial refrigeration cabinets are in a league all of their own.

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