Standard Upright Display Freezer




The Standard Upright Display Freezer consolidates robust development with an alluring display for food and desserts. Our glass door freezer speaks to the ideal answer for shops, markets or bistros. For any further subtleties, contact us and we guarantee you will purchase your ideal reasonable display freezer for your business.




Model:  ECO-UGF60



  • White steel exterior.
  • Aluminium interior for long life
  • fitted rollers for easy manoeuvering
  • 6 Fixed heavy duty shelves
  • 4 Adjustable feet for levelling
  • Digital temperature control display
  • Auto/Manual defrost
  • CFC-Free insulation
  • High-performance long-life fan motor
  • Low energy compressors
  • Replaceable door gasket, for maintenance
  • Suitable for use in high ambient
  • Stainless Steel drip tray, no rust





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Product Code Dimensions WxDxH Temp range Shelves Weight Colour
ECO-UGF60 600mm x 660mm x 1960mm -18 / -24 °C 6 120 KG White

The best Glass Door Freezer 




Arriving in a wide scope of sizes and styles – from huge, premium double glass door freezer to littler, single door models and even conservative units it's anything but difficult to pick your optimal glass door freezer. Your buyers will approach various sizes, regarding width, stature and profundity. Your choice can likewise be made relying upon litre storage to suit every one of your requests. A choice of completions can likewise be found guaranteeing that any style of business is supplemented and improved.


Upright display freezers are just ideal for putting away and cooling food and other produce, alluringly introducing what your shop has accessible while keeping up ideal chilled conditions and all inside a rich casing – the ideal commercial refrigeration answer for refrigerating many things calm.




Upright Display Freezer 




Upright Freezer speaks to the ideal patisserie and ice cream freezer arrangement. With its superior, vitality proficient, our upright display freezers are produced using the best premium European segments. Regardless of whether you're offering solidified prepared suppers or vegetables, ice cream or lollies, a Display Freezer guarantees your items are appealingly displayed and kept at the ideal temperature for long haul storage. Visit our Standard Glass Doors Freezer and the Sliding glass Chest Freezer category to purchase all that you requirement for your business.




Glass Front Freezer 




Commercial freezers have numerous choices and features that make them exceptional for any commercial refrigeration condition. They can be storage freezer or display freezer, upright freezer or chest freezer.


On the opposite hand, upright display freezer looks tons like an upright display fridge. They stand vertically and incorporate a corresponding way that a commercial fridge does to pass on the things on the changed racks and compartments. The scope of commercial glass front freezers fuses an extraordinary answer for retailers of various kinds and sizes, bars and cafeterias.


Glass Door Freezers give the best usage of accessible floor space. Subsequently, is perfect for solidified food, ice cream, and meat. Moreover, in our display freezer broaden are Ice Cream Freezer that causes you to enlarge the arrangements of high-edge solidified desserts.




Single Door Display Freezer 




Not all associations have so much space available. With kitchen and additional room limited, ensure that you are benefiting from what is accessible to you. We understand the essentialness of a quality commercial freezer. That is the explanation we select our extent of glass front freezer cabinets to fulfil the necessities of a bustling commercial kitchen.


We offer an extent of choices that are even fitting for front-of-house use including upright glass door freezer units, in numerous sizes and with various door choices. Thusly, improve your desserts offering without surrendering space. Augmentation kitchen capability with a gave upright freezer. Tinier retail outlets would benefit by our single glass door freezer, while greater outlets are fit to the twofold glass door upright freezers.


With an upright display freezer from Frost-Tech, you get the upside of perfect refrigeration, near to an eye-getting display for your store. Your display will look addressing inevitable customers, by virtue of the enormous glass window fronts, inside lighting and open racking.




Upright Freezer appearance 




Upright freezer suggests a display freezer which may be particularly useful for stacking and moreover displaying food supplies to the group. Besides, this because the suppers are every now and again displayed inside a commercial freezer having a glass door. Thusly, it truly is ordinarily shielded from watchers to evade any sort of physical ending up in a genuine problem with the sustenance to help keep it sterile.


They're more space-saving than chest freezers, which makes it more straightforward to look out space inside the home. They will conveniently stick in locales where there's less even space.


Also, open space is totally a fundamental concern when attempting to put so as the structure of a store or maybe a diner, near to a slimline structure consistently supplies a striking, engaging and in conclusion a useful display choice. The upright display freezer gets amazing for any place that pulls the thought of customers. This glass door freezer is consistently an incredible buyer goes to be grateful for.


Irrefutably, an upright freezer is commonly the last choice that a store can acquaint with assistance sustenance and sweets bargains. Despite the fact that inside the event, you are using a little store, by then you totally may find the opportunity to go with littler than usual display fridge.




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By offering a broad scope of commercial refrigeration cabinets, including multidecks, commercial drinks fridge displays, premium jug coolers, Upright display freezer cabinets, cake display fridges and heated multidecks, we are sure that we have the refrigeration answer for you. Having been giving commercial refrigeration hardware to over 30 years, we can offer you proficient guidance, being certain on our experience just as furnish you with the most progressive, solid refrigeration items that will enable your organization to capacity as well as could be expected.


Contact our master group for a fitting proposal of upright display freezers to suit your financial plan and comfort.



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