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Commercial display fridge cabinets consolidate solid development with an alluring introduction to show food and drinks. Our display chiller cabinets are reasonable for grocery stores, stores or bistros.


Frost Tech Ltd has developed as one in everything about manufacturing and selling all over the world. We stock a noteworthy scope of display fridge cabinets like glass front fridge and open chiller multideck classifications. We give a broad assortment of multideck chillers. What's more, these display fridges ideal suit in any environmental factors from road espresso stores, bistros and shops, to enormous commercial stores.


As an overall commercial refrigeration maker, we generally positioned our customers first by giving the best commercial fridge cabinets. In this manner, we have among our customers a portion of the world's most noticeable brands. In our open fridge offer, we have a thorough wide assortment of eminent items from multideck fridges to drinks fridges.


Whatever your commercial wants, Frost Tech offers the commercial refrigeration arrangement. Our range incorporates the: multideck, like the Grab and Go display fridge and patisserie fridge, upright display chiller or drinks fridge, counter fridge and serve over counter. 





Standard Slimline Multideck

Premium Slimline Multideck

Standard Slimline Multideck Black

Premium Shutter Multideck

Standard Grab & Go Display

Premium Grab & Go Display

Standard Patisserie

Premium Patisserie

Standard Serve Over Display

Standard Counter Display

Premium Counter Top Display

Standard Upright Display

Premium Upright Display

Standard Back Bar Display

Open Display Chiller



Frost Tech display fridge cabinets consolidate solid development with an alluring introduction to show food and drinks. Our open fridges are reasonable for convenience stores or bistros.


Arriving in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes from huge, twofold door models to the littler single door models or countertop fridges, you'll require just to pick your best multideck. Obviously, buyers should pick the sizes, as far as width, tallness and profundity.


With such a large number of options accessible finding the size and capacity to suit your requirements is straightforward. A craving of completions from dark metallic to stainless-steel can likewise be discovered ensuring that any style of business is upgraded.


We are on the commercial refrigeration showcase for over 30 years. Thus, we're ready to offer you proficient guidance just as outfit you with the most extreme progressed, solid commercial fridge gear.


Our display fridge units are completely fabricated utilizing fine, Eco-friendly European parts. Also, our refrigerant advancement program empowers us to give the commercial ‘centre cleanest' commercial refrigeration. This likewise permits us to guarantee that your display fridge units invest additional energy chilling than being fixed.


Frost Tech have a broad assortment of extraordinary commercial display fridge cabinets to suit an entire host of chilled merchandise supplier applications. We have numerous particular classes to pick from. 






Multideck refrigerator classification is the home of the widespread open fridge cabinets for grocery shops wherever in the world. Multideck display fridge units give a gigantic method to offer a wide assortment of product in perfectly chilled conditions.


The length of the multideck fridge you pick could be significant. Premium multideck fridge cabinets have a lot of marvellous highlights like glass sideboards, LED lightning, evening time blinds, separable base plates, auto defrost, rack risers, and stainless steel outside.


For the most part, temperature degrees fall between - 2˚C to 10˚C giving the ideal conditions to most of refrigerated. 



Grab and Go fridge 



Grab and Go fridge cabinets can stock and exquisitely present different items. Our display fridge multidecks help you to amplify the allurement of 'Grab and Go' for sandwiches, wraps or boxed plates of mixed greens.


You have such huge numbers of choices to pick and buy from the Standard to the Premium display fridge class, so simply click on the photos and purchase. 



Patisserie display chiller 



The patisserie display fridge is perfect for cafés, cake and pastry shops. Our scope of cake display chillers, all have total glass encompasses to see the merchandise from any edge. Our magnificent patisserie chillers come in numerous rich completions from steel to premium stainless-steel. The open structure of a Cake Fridge makes an eye-getting display for your customer and may bolster off the cuff buys, by virtue of the successfully noticeable produce.


Cake Display Fridges offer an engaging thing display with no exchange off in execution. Thusly, we have the commercial refrigeration answer to fit each possible business need, with all models attempted to the best desires.


You can have certainty that your display fridge is a high bore, intense, reliable and essentialness beneficial, with premium parts. In this way, regardless of whether you're anticipating utilizing as a sandwich or cake fridge, our exceptional multideck chiller in a perfect world suits on the most minimal prices on the worldwide commercial centre. 



Drinks Fridge 



Upright display fridge speaks to the glass door chiller or drinks fridge with open chiller capacities. Additionally, these bottle chillers will guarantee your business fruitful and an extraordinary return of speculation. Along these lines, you can guarantee the customers approaching chilled refreshments utilizing various sizes, littler or twofold door cabinets. Likewise, you can pick a drinks fridge relying upon litre stockpiling limit.


The upright display chiller has exceptional sizes from the littler one display fridge best reasonable in coffee stores, comfort stores, and schools to the enormous twofold display fridge perfect for grocery shops where the interest for chilled refreshments is high. 



Bar fridge 



Bar fridge cabinets with coordinated apex set up gentle are a huge method to tempting present your chilled drinks. The half-size chillers are when in doubt among those which are gotten a kick out of the chance to be used in bars or diners. This kind of display fridge is commonly furnished with auto defrosting and is additionally called mini-fridge.


The bar fridge units have various focal points and it could positively affect its general expertise and power usage of the business. The Mini Fridge units are accessible in heaps of shapes and sizes to suit your business.



Counter fridge 



Twofold coated counter fridge class is bestowing the best way to draw your clients with cakes, foods grown from the ground patisserie items. This great stainless-steel display fridge fits in cafés, cake or coffee shops which can stay on your new or current counter.


With reinforced twofold coated front display, the counter chillers give the most alluring warm effectiveness. They become ideal for displaying treats and other patisserie items.


The cooler with incorporated controls gives ventilated chilling at each grill level to hold a reasonable temperature all through. Regardless of whether you need to display treats, natural products, or cheddar, its full display will draw your customers' consideration and will help your deals. 



Serve Over 



Serve Over counters will offer a phenomenal answer in your providing food endeavour that serve legitimately to clients, simultaneously as enticing clients with its full display.


In addition, having stock alongside cheddar, cooked meats and natural product alluringly displayed on the double in the front of clients empowers motivation buys and up-deals in sync with guests. The Serve Over display fridge speaks to an in vogue approach to flaunt all way of merchandise. While likewise introducing refrigerated transitory merchandise.


Moreover, serve over counters keep up your stock at the exact temperature and offer a liberal chilled or encompassing house limit. Most importantly, having the option to hold numerous kinds of suppers and drinks chilled for quite a while, the choices gave by these display chillers reason them to an awesome bit of providing food device for a wide scope of takeaway scenes. 



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All display fridge units are completely tried to the most noteworthy prerequisites so you should buy with certainty. What's more, since we understand that your chiller must work a seemingly endless amount of time after month, consistently.


Such is our acknowledgement for good and unwavering quality, we're pleased to be the providers of expert open display chiller units to primary names which incorporate Costa Coffee, Gail's Bread kitchen, Wenzel’s Bakery, Bistro Nero, and Coffee1.


At Frost Tech, we offer the most down to earth and productive sorts of commercial display fridge, guaranteeing that your refreshments, food and drinks are held at the best newness and prepared to serve. 


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