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The Frost-Tech premium white steel upright storage freezers are high performance, versatile and built to the highest standards, you can be ensured that your purchase is high quality, durable, reliable and energy efficient with all top of the range components. Making them ideally suited for busy environments such as kitchens, convenience stores, supermarkets and school cafeteria's the Frost-Tech brand offers a solution to fit every possible business application.

Upright Storage Freezer 




Upright Storage Freezers have racking compartments in them, generally equivalent to a drinks fridge. This offers an uncommon course for product to be immaculately created on various resigns all through the agency. Previously, upright storage freezers were accepted to be progressively useful, in this manner. Commercial freezers are a noteworthy bit of most associations, allowing you to buy food in mass to save heaps of time and money. Every so often, the storage freezer starts to work improperly or even stop. Thusly, it will cause obfuscated issues.


The various racks grant a predominant affiliation, particularly if you select a model that awards you to move the racks to raised use space. Regardless, greater hardened things aren't finding the opportunity to fit well inside the upright freezer because of the racking compartments. This reduces the space vertically, giving no space for tall things, like an outsized turkey or ham. For this circumstance, you'll need a chest freezer.


Furthermore, the door's temperature may from time to time get more sizzling than inside. Thus, while you increment some storage on the doors, you'll gain some irksome experiences keeping everything at a tolerable temperature.


Upright storage freezers require less floor space, yet the door must have enough space to swing open inside the right course. There must be in any event an in behind the commercial freezer at all events. So it can't be presented flush against the divider behind it. There should attempt to be an accessible fitting connector.




For what reason is –18°C the perfect freezer temperature? 




Food Safety guidelines recommend –18°C as the ideal temperature for hardened sustenance.

From the outset, toward the start of current freezing, –10°C was seen as the ensured temperature for taking care of hardened sustenance. Regardless, as we discovered progressively increasingly about the nature and favourable circumstances of freezing, lower temperatures were seen as being dynamically suitable.


In the late 1930s, the American Leafy foods Partnership upheld that a frosty temperature of 0°F (-17.8°C) be kept up, generally on the reason that 0°F was a lovely round number. It was a drawn-out period of time later that the adjusted temperature of –18°C got recognized as the standard sustenance frosty temperature in Europe.


In 1964, the Universal Foundation of Refrigeration recommended a base temperature of –18°C for set sustenance. Both national and overall sheets of trustees agreed with this and undauntedly grasped the figure in principles and laws.


By then, in view of the 1967 'Code of preparing for set sustenances', the EC Commission thus made its own Order for quickly hardened staple and, in 1989, supported a base temperature of –18°C for the storage of solidified items.


Fundamentally, drop temperatures block reactions and the causing of microorganisms.


Pros have discovered that when taken care of at between –30°C and –18°C, the reaction rate for foods developed starting from the earliest stage a couple of times slower. For tricky substances explicitly, this suggests their supplement substance rots in a general sense faster at higher temperatures.


Tailing one year of storage at –12°C, the supplement C content in vegetables is just about 20% of the supplement C substance of those set aside for a comparable period at –18°C.




Upright Freezer 




Upright Storage Freezer has capable features to perfectly stock the hardened food in the best conditions. These have commercial kitchens as the major goal. Such an upright storage freezer is similarly named Meat Freezer by virtue of its goal. The upright freezer agrees to the sanitation guidelines. Besides, the aluminium inside and stainless steel outside confirmation that the storage freezer remains free from rust for a long time.


The temperature is from –18 C to –24 C.


Purchasing any commercial freezer may introduce prosperity concerns when children are close. Children can without a very remarkable stretch open the door of the freezer and move inside, even as an infant can get into the upright freezer.


The upright storage freezer is much of the time set on the auto-defrost choice by then cleaned down. This takes less time and provides for a lesser degree a cerebral torment and spinal agony when getting out within the storage freezer.




Heavy-Duty Upright Storage Freezer 




This Heavy-Duty White Upright Freezer is ideal for outlets where full height cemented storage is a need. These white steel storage freezers are of authentic commercial improvement offering trustworthy toughness.



- 5 Adjustable substantial racks

- Aluminium inside for long life

- 2 Adjustable feet for levelling and 4 Fitted Castors or 4 Adjustable feet

- Replaceable door gasket

- Auto defrost

- Computerized temperature control display

- Stainless Steel trickle plate

- Low vitality blowers

- Sans CFC protection

- Reasonable for use in high surrounding

- Superior long-life fan engine



- Width: 600 mm (single door) or 1200 mm (double door)

- Profundity: 680 mm

- Stature: 1960 mm (single door) or 1900 mm (double door)


Temperatures: -18 / -24 Celsius.




Buy an Upright Freezer! 




We offer here the most even-objected and gainful sort of commercial freezer cabinets. We in like manner ensure that your food and treats will remain at the best originality. All our commercial freezers agree to sanitation and tidiness guidelines.


Right when stock ought to be saved in chilled conditions, an upright freezer ensures that it's other than imploringly displayed to raise bargains.


Contact us to get more bits of knowledge concerning the commercial refrigeration units that fit your spending cutoff and prerequisites.


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