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Counter Fridge order is conceding the first-rate approach to draw your customers with cakes, foods developed starting from the earliest stage things. Counter Displays are open to the extent of various sizes and are fitting for establishments everything being equivalent and types. 


Counter Fridge 




Twofold Coated Counter Fridge Chillers impeccably suit in patisseries, cake shops, and significantly more. Likewise, our counters have astonishing highlights like the top-quality parts, twofold coated glasses, ground-breaking chiller. Most importantly, our top-quality Counter Fridges arrives in a scope of various sizes and are appropriate for foundations everything being equal and types. These counter fridge cabinets present food and drink, to entice the customers to purchase.


With fortified twofold covered front display, these counter displays give the most alluring warm adequacy. They become perfect for displaying desserts and other patisserie things. The blower with consolidated controls gives ventilated refrigeration at each rack level to hold a sensible temperature all through.


These ECO Counter Fridge units are proposed for conventional commercial use in mentioning capable circumstances. With a strong commercial turn of events and continuing on blowers, the Counter Display speaks to a reliable, devoted unit which will be gotten to once in a while. Moreover, it goes to surpass desires in conditions up to 32 C.


Check our Premium Countertops and Standard Counter Displays. Positively, you'll get a remarkable display fridge even in constrained conditions. These Twofold Coated Counter units are adaptable and compact and are ideal for in a hurry providing food adventures.




Standard Counter Fridge 




Counter Chiller is ideal for patisseries, cake shops, and extensively more, with their shocking features like the top-quality fragments, twofold covered glasses, and numerous others. In particular, our choice Counter Displays are open to the extent of various sizes and are fitting for establishments everything being equivalent and types.



Width: 1000 mm to 1500 mm

Tallness: 1240 mm

Profundity: 720 mm.


Temperature: 0 C to +5 C.



– Seepage framework auto dissipating

– Coast out consolidating structure

– ECO low vitality blower

– Auto Electrical or Hot gas defrost

– Silver shaded Steel finish

– Advanced temperature control display

– Mounted lights

– Completely twofold coated

– 4 hardcore feet

– Long-life top-of-the-go fan engine

– Stainless steel dribble plate

– Protection without CFC




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Frost-Tech offers a wide assortment of counter fridges that can be a perfect commercial refrigeration arrangement when you have constrained space and you need to make an appealing display.

Contact us to secure the perfect recommendation from commercial fridge categories that suit your necessities.




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