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Standard Slimline multideck fridge is the home of the unavoidable glass front merchandiser a staple of bistros and shops down the country. Multideck chiller units offer a mind-blowing strategy to present a wide extent of things in perfectly chilled conditions. The size of the cold multideck chiller you pick is noteworthy. 


Multideck Fridge 



Multideck fridges become an extraordinary solution when you want to introduce a wide scope of items in impeccably chilled conditions. There are a considerable lot of choices to consider before putting resources into a display fridge. For the most part, found in superstores, shops and markets multidecks amplify introduction of cold goods. These multideck fridge displays empower motivation "grab and go" buys. Multidecks suit to hold new meats, products of the soil. And furthermore, dairy items, and universally useful goods. Along these lines, this flexible hardware can be custom-made to fulfil all display needs.


Slimline standard coated steel Multideck display chillers perfectly suit in an assortment of shops, where food or drink are on the menu. It gives a good mix of top quality assembling and strength at a lower price. Anyway, with four movable substantial racks, a top-mounted Drove light, just as the top of the range segments, it's still a perfect choice if expanding deals is your goal.


We offer a wide scope of commercial fridge multidecks to suit all needs, similar to the Grab and Go fridge cabinets. An engaging multideck fridge is a flat out need for any hypermarket or supermarket planning to assemble bargains. Multidecks offer a phenomenal strategy to present a wide extent of things in faultlessly chilled conditions. There are different choices to consider before placing assets into a multideck chiller. 




What is a Multideck fridge? 



The title "multideck" is to some degree wide term which consolidates any multi-layered display refrigeration. Routinely display chiller pantries are the most standard kind of open fridges for the greater part of the shops.


Featuring various racks the layered multideck fridge infers that your things are noticeable, alluring and set aside in perfect conditions. Making a charming display that interests to customers, each available thing is urgently acquainted with stimulate a happy shopping experience and addition of arrangements.


For the most part, found in superstores and markets that need to extend the presentation of cold product, these open front fridge displays are ideal for engaging the "get and go" purchases. Arrangements are open to holding new meats, verdant foods, dairy things. There, this infers that this adaptable equipment can be modified to satisfy all display needs.


Our multideck display is Vital or Module. That infers all parts are housed inside the rigging with no external segments other than the electrical stock. The social affair unit/motor is routinely arranged underneath the base rack. 








The size of the commercial fridge gear you pick is noteworthy. Taking everything into account, you need something that will fit into the space available without disheartening or overcrowding walkways. The more diminutive multideck has not more than 600mm longer, and the best model from our offer has 2500mm length.


A prompt impression of the size is the multideck chiller limit. Obviously, the greater the estimations the more domain will be open for stacking things. As far as possible will in like manner be dependent upon the number and arrangement of racks that each unit holds.





Temperature ranges: 




The range of temperatures you need will be guided by the things you wish to present and sell. Generally, the temperature will fall wherever between 0˚C to 10˚C, giving perfect conditions to the greater part of refrigerated makes. For instance, dairy, soft drink pop, cooked meats, sandwiches, results of the dirt.


If you are planning to feature a chunk of new meat layered display, you will require a lower temperature range to keep up sanitation, normally in the region of 0°C to 2°C. In the event that you need to store set sustenance, by then you need to check the Display Freezer grouping. Freezers are open with a temperature run from – 18°C to – 22°C, proper for each set produce.




Multideck Chiller Features 




1.Vitality sparing highlights

Outfitted with low essentialness blowers and warmth diminishing temperature reflecting night incognizant concerning growing the capability of the fridge 24 hours out of each day.


2.Intended for simplicity of upkeep, sturdiness and versatility

Requiring a 13amp power gracefully, high-execution long-life fan motors with tempered steel spill plate getting together with oneself disappearing drainage structure. The slide-out social affair structure and basic access to the evaporator for common cleaning.


3.Ideal item display

Low front to enhance open chiller volume getting together with a 4-level racking with acrylic rack edge risers and full glass end sheets think about an extended sum and arrangement impact of your thing.


4.Electronic control

The insightful controller displays temperature while keeping up the fridge temperature control, altered with defrost cycles to ensure the correct movement of the equipment and keep up things at a perfect temperature.


5.Driven lighting

Full length Drove lighting props up longer than fluorescent lighting, decreasing essentialness use, which makes unimportant warmth. The aggregate of this makes Drove lighting mind-blowing for the earth.



We are an overall producer of commercial fridges, all through the world with 30 years trading.




Slimline Multideck Fridge 




Our standard silver concealed steel Multideck display fridges are perfect for a grouping of shops, where sustenance or drink are on the menu. It gives a nice blend of top quality amassing and toughness at a lower cost. Anyway, with four adjustable unshakable resigns, a top-mounted Drove light, similarly as the highest point of the range sections, it's as yet an ideal choice if extending bargains is your goal.



– Computerized temperature control display

– Full-length top-mounted Drove light

– Fundamental night shock, for night time saving

– Auto Electrical defrost

– 4 Movable feet

– Full Glass end sheets

– Low imperativeness blowers

– Slide-out social occasion system

– Self-evaporating waste system

– 2x 13-amp flexibly

– 4 level mobile racking notwithstanding the base

– Clear acrylic rack edge risers

– Silver shaded steel finish

– Low front to increase display space

– High-execution long-life fan motor

– Stainless steel stream plate

– Without CFC insurance



– Width: 600 mm to 1800 mm

– Tallness: 1950 mm

– Profundity: 600 mm

Temperature: – 1 to +7 C




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Exactly when stock ought to be saved in chilled conditions, a multideck chiller ensures that it's besides imploringly advertised to enhance bargains.


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