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The Frost-Tech stainless steel upright gastronorm chillers are high performance, versatile and built to the highest standards, you can be ensured that your purchase is high quality, durable, reliable and energy-efficient with all top of the range components. Making them ideally suited for busy environments such as busy kitchens, convenience stores, supermarkets and school cafeteria's the Frost-Tech brand offers a solution to fit every possible business application.


Upright Meat Chiller 




All Meat Chiller units in the range fit in with food safety rules and they limit sustenance wastage. A Frost-Tech premium meat fridge flawlessly fit in any bleeding-edge kitchen where right chilling and safe sustenance storage turns into an outright need.


Each eco-pleasing structure, features lockable doors, 75mm insurance and a removable unit for effortlessness of overhauling. The evaporator fan consequently close when you open the door and the temperature ready beginnings. The Stainless Steel Meat Chiller offers exactness refrigeration for an extent of stock including new meat. Invigorated with Stainless Steel outside, you can rely upon your hypothesis to go to bat for use for a significant time.


You're in a perfect circumstance with our Gastronorm chiller as it guarantees to appeal air quality. Obliged air refrigeration advancement ensures your produce is held in uniform temperatures, even in the farthest corners of your commercial refrigerator. The slimline thought of the structure ensures that this upright chiller is the perfect choice for kitchens limited by space.




Gastronorm Fridge




Meat Chiller speaks to a fundamental part of any giving food business. Our exhaustive choice joins every one of your prerequisites for powerful assistance in your bustling establishment.


Whether or not you're taking care of veggies or meat for your most famous dishes, the meat fridge is perfect for your business. This meat chiller has a tremendous cabinet with 3 full-size adaptable racks, yet it's still minimal enough to fit in places where space is limited. With an astounding refrigeration structure, your fixings and totally orchestrated items will stay at in a perfect world safe temperatures.


The unit's propelled temperature control licenses you to adequately change the temperature of your storage refrigerator's cabinet inside its -5 to 5 degrees, while the obvious LCD readout furthermore helps keep with the accompanying of the unit's temperature. A common sight in both commercial and home kitchens, millions benefit by the flexibility and convenience of an upright chiller normally.


In case you are wanting to grow your chilled storage choices, yet would incline toward not to deal or diminish significant kitchen floor space, by then a meat fridge could offer a striking response for your prerequisites. Whatever the size or detail you require you should discover an upright meat chiller to fulfil your commercial prerequisites.









- Width: 740 mm or 1400 mm

- Stature: 2000 mm

- Profundity: 830 mm


Temperature run: - 5 °C to +5 °C.



– 304 high-grade Stainless Steel on inside and outside

– Attractive door gasket with a magnet on edges

– Removable door gasket

– Computerized temp display

– Coordinated door handle

– Fitted castors

– Locks to door

– Door in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel

– Gastronorm benevolent

– Cooler and freezer R404a refrigerant

– Protection 75mm thick in water-based polyurethane froth with thickness roughly 42 kg/m3

– Constrained air refrigeration framework which guarantees the productivity and consistency inside the unit

– Ensured blower with overheat cut out and programmed reset

– Vitality investment funds auto-defrost cycle

– Stepping stool rack in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel, handily evacuated for simple cleaning

– Defrost water vanishing by methods for thermostatic warmer

– Top monoblock framework empowering use of entire refrigerated territory

– Monoblock unit removable for simple adjusting and substitution

– Defrost water vanishing framework with superheated gas for apparatuses with remote cooling unit

– Ready to adjust the dampness inside the cabinet from a minimum to a greatest

– Temperature controller with caution flagging

– Controller furnished with cabinet test, evaporator test and condenser test

– Evaporator fan stop naturally when opening the door





Premium Upright Meat Fridge 




Perfect for use in an inn, eatery, school or medical clinic container or any area which requires the unit to work under the high temperatures of a busy kitchen while giving abundant storage limit, meat chillers are intended to work to 43ºC encompassing, making them appropriate for chilling meat.


Solid and effective, Frost-Tech upright gastronorm chiller cabinets are perfect for use in any commercial kitchen where you're taking care of new food all the time. Contingent upon the size of your kitchen and the degree of new food you have to store, pick a thin line single chiller, or a bigger chiller with swinging doors. Each structure is eco-accommodating, highlighting lockable doors, 75mm protection and a removable unit for simplicity of overhauling. The evaporator fan closes off naturally when you open the door and the temperature caution is activated should the inside level fall beneath an adequate, safe level.


All models in the range conform to food cleanliness enactment and are intended to minimize food wastage. A Frost-Tech upright Gastronorm chiller cabinet is a fundamental expansion to any advanced proficient kitchen where right chilling and safe food storage is principal.


All Frost-Tech commercial refrigeration conform to commercial food cleanliness enactment.








Likely the greatest blunder individuals make is stuffing the storage chiller exorbitantly full. Exactly when fixings obstruct the go with the breeze current, it makes the upright fridge work more earnestly. Additionally, leaves certain locale of the meat chiller more boiling than others.


By embracing a proactive methodology for putting goods inside the meat fridge in an astute way, you should keep appropriate breeze current and keep a sensible temperature. Try not to zone sustenances as opposed to the lower back or parts of the upright chiller. Additionally, hope to keep up the whole of the items detached by around half of an inch. This guarantees air can float between the spaces inside the meat chiller, and dinners will be generously less plausible to get foul.


By acing to store meals inside the right districts of the storage fridge, it's down to earth to keep up the enhancements and guarantee that sustenances don't go bad. It ends up being moreover dire to shop food fittingly to decrease the chance of tainting among additional items. Fragrances address the best bit of the issue in a commercial fridge.


Furthermore, the development and shape may spread if fixings aren't taken care of fittingly in the upright meat chiller. Keeping the goods at an extraordinary temperature of underneath 40 F degrees can control the improvement of microorganism. Moreover, can assist your dinners with living increasingly secure for longer breaks of time.


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