Standard Under Counter Fridge



The standard Under Counter Fridge with stainless steel door is perfect where storage is necessary. Stainless Steel Under Counter Chiller, like our scope of commercial fridge units, offers all your requirement for ideal chilled storage conditions in any expert condition. We have an enormous storage fridge offer in our list, so you can likewise visit the Under Counter fridge Premium category





  • Aluminium interior for long life
  • 2 Adjustable shelves
  • 4 Adjustable feet for levelling
  • Digital temperature control display
  • Auto/Manual defrost
  • CFC-Free insulation
  • High-performance long-life fan motor
  • Low energy compressors
  • Replaceable door gasket, for maintenance
  • Stainless Steel drip tray, no rust




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Code Dimension WxDxH Temp Range Shelves Weight KG
ECO-SUC61 600mm x 600mm x 900mm +2 / +7 °C 2 55kg

Under Counter Chiller 




Under Counter Fridge offers all your requirement for ideal chilled storage conditions in any expert condition. Additionally, similar to all commercial fridge extends. Therefore, we stock incredible storage fridge cabinets on our list. In this way, you may visit the Under Counter single counter chiller cabinets. Moreover, enormous limit cabinets become perfect for kitchens where you have a restricted space. Each model in the range includes stainless steel inside for life span. Every castor can be bolted and opened to take into consideration simple development around the kitchen.


Is it true that you are in need of a providing food fridge that spares house as well? By then, the under counter fridge is a perfect choice! We offer a wide extent of light under counter fridges with striking shapes and styles that are ideal for kitchens with limited space. 


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Undercounter Fridge 




With respect to the snappy assistance in involved bars, under counter chiller is all you need! These storage chillers are available in various sizes with one or numerous doors. Thing incorporates electronic temperature display, 2 racks, lighting, castors and lockable door. Undercounter fridge has an impeccable structure with the Stainless Steel finish complete beat aluminium inside.


It is right now less complex than at some other chance to have a meat fridge that considers all your shielding needs in a commercial kitchen. The under-counter chiller has been refined to save essentialness, money and nature with hydrocarbon refrigerant. This infers it has no ozone utilization potential and extremely low GWP contamination. The outside is both solid and tough, allowing the food fridge to endure in extraordinary commercial kitchen conditions.


Reversible doors are available to suit the necessities of where it is to be orchestrated. This infers you can put your under counter fridge wherever in your kitchen without agonizing over access. There is an incredibly hard-wearing door handle inset to the door itself that is full length for smart and basic access. The unit also goes with an inborn door lock and the door gaskets are replaceable.


A fan helped condenser infers the temperature is pulled down rapidly, allowing you the full sureness of leaving your extraordinarily fleeting product in your commercial refrigerator. The front venting system ensures that the wind stream is moved up to help keep up the high capability of the unit.








Likely the best blunder people make is stuffing the commercial refrigeration storage chiller extravagantly full. Precisely when fixings discourage the go with the breeze current, it makes the under counter fridge work all the more truly. Moreover, leaves the certain region of the restaurant chiller more bubbling than others.


By grasping a proactive procedure for placing goods inside the mini storage fridge in a sharp manner, you should keep proper breeze current and keep a reasonable temperature. Do whatever it takes not to zone sustenances instead of the lower back or parts of the half-size chiller. Moreover, would like to keep up the entire of the things disconnected by around half of an inch. This ensures air can skim between the spaces inside the meat chiller, and meals will be generously less plausible to get foul.


By acing to store dinners inside the correct locale of the half-size storage fridge, it's sensible to keep up the improvements and assurance that sustenances don't go terrible. It winds up being moreover desperate to shop food fittingly to diminish the opportunity of polluting among extra things. Aromas address the best piece of the issue in a commercial fridge.


Besides, the turn of events and shape may spread if fixings aren't dealt with fittingly in the mini storage chiller. Keeping the goods at a remarkable temperature of underneath 40 F degrees can control the improvement of microorganism. Moreover, can help your meals with living progressively secure for longer breaks of time.


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