Premium Steel Upright Storage Chillers (White)



The Frost-Tech premium white steel upright storage chillers are high performance, versatile and built to the highest standards, you can be ensured that your purchase is high quality, durable, reliable and energy-efficient with all top of the range components. Making them ideally suited for busy environments such as kitchens, convenience stores, supermarkets and school cafeteria's the Frost-Tech brand offers a solution to fit every possible business application.



Upright Storage Chillers 




Premium Upright Storage Chillers are the perfect method to upgrade space in a commercial kitchen. Frost-Tech upright storage fridge is accessible in a white completion and a scope of sizes from thin single door plans to bigger twofold door models, and forms with two doors, all contribution greatest storage limit in a little impression. What's more, to guarantee the least prices, we have the standard category of these upright fridges.


Dependable and productive, these upright chillers are built particularly for commercial use with a scope of highlights intended to keep food and drinks chilled to an ideal, safe temperature, fundamental to any commercial kitchen condition. The aluminium inside and white steel trickle attempt guarantee the commercial fridge stays liberated from rust for a protracted life expectancy in your kitchen.


The adjustable substantial racks permit you to customize the design of the storage fridge to suit your day by day storage necessities and the four adjustable feet guarantee your fridge is in the ideal situation consistently.


Effectively screen the temperature of your upright Frost-Tech chiller with the computerized control check. The superior engine guarantees ideal chilling consistently and the replaceable door gasket takes into account simple upkeep. Sans CFC protection all through all models in the range guarantees safe and ecologically inviting execution.

All Frost-Tech storage fridges agree to commercial food cleanliness enactment.




Upright Storage Fridge 




Upright Storage Chiller cabinets are just ideal for taking care of meat at perfect chilled conditions. And all inside a White Steel stunning packaging. Above all, Frost-Tech meat fridges are made to the best desires, perfect for your kitchen at any rate costs, just for you. We offer an extent of cooking storage chillers, so Frost-Tech Gastronorm cabinets are perfect for any kitchen.


An extent of cooking limit chillers, Frost-Tech upright storage fridge units are made to the best desires, perfect for your kitchen at the most minimal costs, just for you.


The Twofold Door White Steel Upright Fridge entirely fit in outlets where a high amount of food storage is a need. These twofold door white steel chillers speak to the meaning of dependability and sturdiness in commercial refrigeration. A normal sight in both commercial and home kitchens, millions benefit by the flexibility and solace of an upstanding storage fridge consistently.


On the off chance that you are wanting to extend your chilled storage choices, in any case, would incline toward not to deal or diminish noteworthy kitchen floor space, by then an upright storage chiller could offer an exceptional response for your necessities. Additionally, where a storage chest freezer or cold room isn't reasonable an upstanding chiller can give a comparable level of refrigeration, yet with a diminished kitchen impression.


Whatever the size or assurance you require you will make sure to discover a commercial refrigerator to fulfil your business prerequisites. Not just utensils, our degrees recall in the current style options for an extent of consummations and created using quality sections.




Premium Upright Chiller 




Premium Upright Chiller with White Steel inside and outside is basically perfect for taking care of and cooling meat at right chilled conditions and all inside a rich edge. An extent of giving food limit chillers, Frost-Tech upright fridge cabinets are made to the best desires, perfect for your kitchen.


Moreover, to ensure the most minimal costs, we have the standard arrangement of these Upright Fridge cabinets. Storage your chilled sustenance in a Frost-Tech Upright Storage Chiller. Available in an assortment of sizes, from confined storage fridge units to twofold fronted door fridge cabinets, you can pick the ideal model for your retail space.


Furthermore, we have the white steel upright chiller models from the single door unit, that is the more affordable one, to the Overwhelming Twofold door storage fridge. Ideal for use in a restaurant, bottle, or any zone which requires the unit to work under the high temperatures of a bustling kitchen while giving plentiful storage limit, upright storage fridge units can work to 43 Celsius encompassing, making them sensible for chilling meat.


Strong and beneficial, the upright storage fridge cabinets are ideal for use in any commercial kitchen where you're managing new sustenance constantly. Dependent upon the elements of your cookery and the degree of new goods you need to spare, purchase a solitary door chiller, or a twofold door upright chiller.


Each arrangement is eco-pleasing, including lockable doors, 75mm insurance and a removable unit for the straightforwardness of overhauling. The evaporator fan close normally when you open the door and the temperature alert is enacted should the internal level fall underneath a commendable, safe level.




Premium Upright Fridge 




Reliable and capable, the upright storage fridge is grown especially for commercial use with an extent of features proposed to keep items chilled to a perfect, safe temperature, essential to any commercial kitchen condition. The aluminium inside and White Steel stream endeavour ensure the commercial refrigerator remains free from rust for a long future in your kitchen.


The mobile firm racks grant you to change the configuration of the storage chiller to suit your ordinary storage necessities and the four adaptable feet ensure your fridge is in the perfect circumstance reliably. A Frost-Tech upright storage chiller is an essential extension to any bleeding-edge capable kitchen where right chilling and safe sustenance storage is imperative. Adequately screen the temperature of your upright fridge with the modernized control check. The tip-top motor ensures perfect chilling reliably and the replaceable door gasket thinks about straightforward upkeep.


All Frost-Tech commercial refrigeration follow the sustenance neatness institution. 



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