Premium Under Counter Freezer


The Frost-Tech stainless steel counter storage freezers are high performance, versatile and built to the highest standards, you can be ensured that your purchase is high quality, durable, reliable and energy efficient with all top of the range components. Making them ideally suited for busy environments such as busy kitchens, convenience stores, supermarkets and school cafeteria's the Frost-Tech brand offers a solution to fit every possible business application.

Stainless Steel Counter Freezer 




Under Counter Freezer consent to every one of your prerequisites for the perfect solidified storage conditions in any master condition. Moreover, like all commercial fridge run. Thusly, we stock unprecedented commercial freezer organizers in our stock.


What's more, enormous organizers become ideal for kitchens where you have obliged space. Dependent upon the size of your kitchen and your chilling needs, you can pick a various door counter freezer. Each model in the range incorporates stainless steel inside forever length. Under Counter Freezer gets perfect for any providing food condition or commercial kitchen. Moreover, this astonishing Half Counter Freezer offers all your requirement for ideal chilled storage conditions in any expert condition. We have a great storage freezer offer on our site.


What's more, mounted on castor wheels for simplicity of development, every freezer door can be bolted for security and safety. Also, the outer control framework guarantees you can screen the temperature of the freezer effectively from outside the unit. Moreover, low vitality blowers and sans CFC protection, give ideal freezing limit. Also, the auto-defrost work permits you to defrost the freezer rapidly and effectively as required. So all Frost-Tech commercial refrigeration hardware conform to commercial food cleanliness enactment.




Undercounter Freezer 




Concerning the rapid help with included bars, under counter freezer is all you need! These storage freezers are accessible in various sizes with one or various doors. Thing consolidates computerized temperature display, 2 racks, premium lighting, castors and lockable door. Under counter freezer has an astonishing structure with the Stainless Steel finish total beat aluminium inside. It is starting at now less unpredictable than at later to have a commercial freezer that thinks about the entirety of your guarding needs in a commercial kitchen.


The under-counter freezer has been refined to spare noteworthiness, cash and nature with hydrocarbon refrigerant. This recommends it has no ozone use potential and low GWP sullying. The outside is both strong and extreme, permitting the counter freezer to suffer in unprecedented commercial kitchen conditions.


Reversible doors are open to suit the necessities of where it is to be sorted out. This deduces you can put your under counter freezer any place in your kitchen without battling with getting to. There is a fantastically hard-wearing door handle inset to the door itself that is full length for savvy and fundamental access. The unit besides goes with a natural door lock and the door gaskets are replaceable.


A fan helped condenser induces the temperature is pulled down quickly, permitting you the full affirmation of leaving your exceptionally temporary item in your commercial freezer. The front venting structure guarantees that breeze current is climbed to help keep up the high capacity of the unit.




Great Highlights 




Whatever your kitchen plan, the Under Counter Freezer has you ensured about. Its reversible door can change as per your necessities, regardless of whether you need it to open to the opposite side. Incredibly better, you'll have the choice to discover whatever nibble you need in a flash, because of the interior light.


The convenient indoor controller moreover gives you full oversight over the temperature. Moreover, you won't need to stress over ice making and diminishing your contraption's introduction. This under counter freezer is an unprecedented technique to store your fundamental new sustenance supplies.




Multiple Doors Counter Freezer 




With 75mm froth security and an obliged air chilling structure, quite far is great. The removable mono square and centrality sparing auto-defrost work give eco-satisfying cooling. The robotized temperature measure guarantees you can without a considerable amount of a stretch check how cool this Under Counter Freezer is.


The evaporator fan close-off thus when you open the door and should the temperature drop, a door ready will sound to alert you. Adjust the temperature and moistness inside the Under Counter Freezer with the outside control and use the division test, evaporator test and condenser test to screen the levels.


Adjust the interior space of the storage freezer with the internal larder rack and versatile racks. Fitting for unequivocal unpleasant meat storage, close by other chilled sustenance and dairy things, a Frost-Tech under counter freezer is a versatile advancement to any commercial kitchen condition.




Stainless Steel Premium Under Counter Freezer 




- Aluminium inside

- Stainless Steel trickle plate

- Auto defrost

- 2 racks

- 4 Adjustable feet

- Replaceable door gasket

- Computerized temperature control display

- Reasonable for use in high surrounding

- Sans CFC protection

- Low vitality blowers

- Superior long-life fan engine


Measurements WxDxH: 600mm x 600mm x 900mm

Temp Range: - 18/ - 24 °C

Doors: 1

Racks: 1

Weight: 55kg





Eco Premium 3 Door Counter Freezer 





- Stainless Steel inside and outside

- Computerized temp display

- Fitted castors

- Locks to door

- Removable door gasket

- Gastronorm amicable

- Attractive door gasket on sides with a counter magnet on gasket edges

- Door in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel

- Top monoblock framework empowering use of the entire refrigerated region

- Incorporated door handle

- Lader rack in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel

- Monoblock unit removable for simple overhauling and substitution

- Cooler and freezer R404a refrigerant

- Defrost water dissipation by methods for thermostatic resistor

- Protection 75mm thick in water-based polyurethane froth with thickness roughly 42 kg/m3

- Constrained air refrigeration framework

- Vitality reserve funds auto-defrost cycle

- Defrost water dissipation framework with superheated gas

- Ready to adjust the mugginess inside the cabinet from a minimum to a most extreme

- Controller furnished with cabinet test, condenser test and evaporator test

- Temperature controller with caution flagging

- Secured blower with overheat cut out and programmed reset

- Evaporator fan close off naturally when opening the door


Measurements WxDxH: 1955mm x 700mm x 850mm

Temp Range: - 18/ - 24 °C

Doors: 3

Racks: 2

Weight: 252kg

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