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Heated display cabinets are vital for keeping food hot when on display in your bakery, café, restaurant or cafeteria. The Frost-Tech hot counter units are the ideal choice for pies, pastries, paninis, filled sandwiches and soup. In addition, our Heated Serve Over represents the ideal choice when you sell pies, pastries, paninis, sandwiches and soup. 

Heated Cabinets 



Heated cabinet counters suit for keeping food hot while on display in your shop. What's more, our hot display speaks to the perfect choice for pies, baked goods, paninis, filled sandwiches and soup. We welcome you to visit more display fridge cabinets by visiting our web-store.

Check all the Frost-Tech hot patisserie cabinets. These are strong and solid, guaranteeing you can buy with certainty. Most importantly, the open-fronted display guarantees your product is noticeable to clients, urging them to purchase. In this way, the counter heater cabinet holds ideal warmth, near an outwardly engaging display. It’s also intended to pull in clients and urge them to buy. 




Display Heater



These heated counters are perfect for advertising a wide combination of hot sustenance things, for instance, sausage moves, pies and pasties. With a glass front, inside lights and losing the faith doors, these units are expected to ensure food safety and enlarge hot sustenance purchases. The units consolidate a moistness work that reduces sogginess incident and can store sustenance up to temperatures of 90°C.


The food business runs on the idea of sustenance and administration. Essentially, you use the right Hot Display Serve Over to guarantee that you can offer new and nutritious goods to the customers.


To pull in the clients you in like manner need to display it to reveal to them the combination that you are promoting. Taking care of and displaying arranged dinners is also trying when appeared differently in relation to the readied sustenance as it is logically helpless against infinitesimal life forms that ruin the sustenance.


The Heated Serve Over counters have progressed and improved an extraordinary arrangement today you can discover a collection of heated display units that grant you to safely display and store arranged sustenance.  




Heated Counter

The Heated Counter become ideal for bistros requiring a stylish heated display which can work onto your new or existing counter. This warmer has a Stainless Steel outside and all-around twofold coated display.


Heated Counter Serving cabinets perfect suit for keeping sustenance hot while on display in your baked good shop or cafeteria. Additionally, our heated display addresses the ideal choice for patisserie and food.


The Counter Heater is solid and strong, promising you can purchase with conviction. In particular, the open-fronted display ensures your item is evident to customers, encouraging them to buy. Along these lines, the hot display authority holds perfect warmth, near to an ostensibly captivating display. 

Heated Serve Over 

Heated Serve Over perfectly fit for warming any kind of heated goods, with the twofold covered glass and sharp dim trim. This will give a charming engaging feel to any store.


With the perfect mix of extraordinary turn of events and robustness, featuring a top-mounted light and two adaptable racks with the full twisted twofold covered front for most outrageous presentation.


Sliding back stacking portals gives basic access for staff to restock and serve, similarly as a rotated front glass for cleaning. 

Heated Multideck 

Heated Multideck consummately fits for warming hot moves, pies, baked goods, sandwiches and filled moves. The hot multideck has Silver Steel outside, full glass side, and an extraordinary look. So they will give an awesome presentation to any store.


This Heated Multideck is the perfect blend of first-rate improvement and solidness, featuring 2 top mounted lights and 4 fixed hot plate racks with top portions. 




  • Top-mounted light
  • Full-length sidelights
  • Digital temperature control display
  • Double glazed glass end panels for visibility and Energy saving
  • 4 tier fixed hot plate shelving (shelf surface temp range +65 / +75 °C)
  • 304 Stainless Steel high-grade finish
  • 4 Adjustable feet
  • Low front to maximise display space
  • 13-amp plug supply



Premium Heated Displays 



Heated cabinets are major for keeping sustenance hot while on display in your shop, restaurant or cafeteria. Additionally, our heated display is the ideal choice for pies, heated goods, paninis, and soup.  


Display Heater counters are strong and trustworthy, promising you can purchase with assurance. In particular, the open-fronted display makes you sure the items are clear to customers. Thusly, the heated display holds perfect warmth, near to an apparently captivating display.


Huge retail outlets would benefit from an enormous heated cabinet, with copious space for a greater volume of hot sustenance. A little heated display would be the ideal choice for cafes and bistros, where the display space required for hot sustenance may be more diminutive. Big heated counter units consummately suit in high footfall outlets and shops as their greater breaking point ensure a high volume of food can be kept heated at any one time.  




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