Standard Patisserie Display Fridges



Our Patisserie Display Fridge cabinets arrive in a rich covered steel exterior. So our commercial chillers ideal match at the most reduced expense on the market to love. It gives a good mix of top quality assembling and strength at a lower price because of the missing of stainless steel. Be that as it may, with three movable glass retires, a top-mounted premium light, just as the top of the range segments, it's as yet a perfect choice if expanding deals is your goal.  



Patisserie display fridge 




Patisserie chiller or cake fridge as they are additionally known is an incredible method to outwardly fascinate clients into buying your sweet treats, sandwiches or patisseries. Basically, all cake fridges ought to complete your cakes and baked items in the most appealing way conceivable. We offer the best determination of refrigerated cake displays for use in a bread kitchen, bistro, lunch nook or café.




Types and Sizes




Our multideck patisserie display fridge arrives in an exquisite coated steel. In this way, regardless of whether you're anticipating utilizing as a sandwich, cake or pastry our great commercial fridge units ideal match at the most minimal expense on the market to suit.


With a broad scope of sizes and limits, each business from bistro's to cafés will locate the ideal answer for their prerequisites. Our cake display chillers have weights from to 1200mm longer.


All-around glass sideboards and numerous rack guarantee that there is a lot of space to feature stock with a sleek intrigue in the clients' mind. On the off chance that your business niche requires a cake display fridge, we offer you the ideal arrangement.








A pastry fridge needs to offer the right temperature so as to preserve all the qualities of your sweet cakes. And also to attract customers to buy with its high effect glass display.

The temperature ranges are +5/+7 C.


In case you're looking for a new patisserie display fridge however you don't know which one is directly for you contact us to take you to the ideal offer.




Highlights of Patisserie display fridges 




- There are various highlights which are beneficial while picking a cake display fridge.

- Replaceable base plates will give simpler cleaning access without the need to be difficult work.

- Glass sideboards can expand potential introduction when your cake display chiller is separated, notwithstanding, are out of date if the unit is contiguous other hardware.

- Covered steel completes are progressively reasonable then standard white or other shading alternatives that possibly don't match to existing hardware or don't praise the style and stylistic theme of the premises.

- Lighting is an extraordinary method to enlighten substance and present the stock in the most appealing way. Our patisserie displays have top-mounted premium light.

- When racks can be inclined, the risers become ideal for preventing goods from tumbling off.

- Castors are an incredible method to guarantee simple development and situating of gear in the case of during beginning circumstance or during routine cleaning, service and support.

- Night blinds can be drawn over the open front display when the shop is closed. Despite the fact that not a standard element they are an incredible method to build vitality productivity.




Patisserie Fridge advantages




Patisserie Display Fridge cabinets show up in a perfect completion so whether you're foreseeing using as a sandwich or cake fridge our display fridge perfect match at the most reduced prices to suit. Anyway, with premium lightning, 3 glass retires, only the highest point of the range portions, it's an ideal choice if growing arrangements is your target.


Patisserie chiller speaks to a great technique to ostensibly dumbfound customers into purchasing your sweet patisseries or sandwiches. Essentially, all patisserie chillers need to highlight your cakes and foods in the most engaging light possible. We offer you the best choice of multideck displays for use in a pastry shop, bistro, or eatery.


Offering a wide extent of sizes and restrains, every company will find the perfect solution for their necessities.


The racks and all-around glass sideboards ensure that there is a ton of room to show off stock with an advanced solicitation in the customers' brain. In case your company requires a patisserie chiller, we can captivate you with the perfect plan here. A multideck fridge will offer the correct temperature and will entice customers with a high impact glass display.


On the off chance that you're looking for a patisserie cooler yet, you don't know which one is straightforwardly for you, you should connect with us and our specific gathering will control you to the perfect course of action.




Cake Display Fridge 




The open structure of a Cake Fridge makes an eye-getting display for your customer and may bolster off the cuff buys, because of the adequately noticeable produce. Pick a little Patisserie chiller for a bistro where floor space is limited. Little cake fridges are in like manner ideal for more diminutive solace stores, shops and cafeterias.


The biggest Cake Fridge should be the perfect choice for groceries stores and sandwich shops where there is a greater volume of chilled product to store and display. They're moreover ideal for general store bistros, where critically displayed chilled cakes, deserts and new sandwiches may entice passing customers into making a purchase.


Frost-Tech Patisserie Chillers offer an engaging thing display with no exchange off in execution. Accordingly, we have the commercial refrigeration answer to fit each possible business need, with all models attempted to the best desires. You can have certainty that your display chiller is a high bore, extreme, reliable and essentialness gainful, with premium parts.


Patisserie Fridge cabinets from Frost-Tech are open in a choice coated steel, promising you can find the perfect size for your space. For the Stainless Steel finishes, we invite you to check the Premium category.





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