Premium Multideck Chillers




You will love the Premium Multideck Chillers, with the enormous open display of a Frost-Tech multideck display fridge helps grab the consideration of your clients and supports spur of the moment purchases. Multideck Fridges occupy less room than an open front fridge, especially those display fridge models with doors. This makes them perfect for little spaces, or stores where floor space is constrained, for example, those with slender passageways. 



Premium Multideck Fridge 




The scope of in vogue and strong Frost-Tech Premium Multideck Display Chillers are entirely appropriate for the quickly developing grab and go parts, for example, cafés, bistros and accommodation stores. They arrive in an assortment of models to suit your requirements, including high limit, medium and thin line structures. Models with a warmed display work are likewise accessible.


The low stature Multideck Display Fridge is the perfect display fridge for snacks, set at motivation focuses close till focuses and in comfort stores and gas station forecourts. Slimline multidecks are perfect for sandwiches, plates of mixed greens and chilled drinks in bistros, bistros and cafés. Enormous Multideck Display Chillers are perfect for grocery stores and bigger accommodation stores where the volume of chilled produce is high.


Frost-Tech multideck refrigerated displays are accessible in stainless steel, dark steel and white steel complete, with widths going from 600mm up to 1900mm, giving you the ideal choice regardless of the size of your business.


All Frost-Tech Premium Multideck Display Chillers have a creative air window ornament framework, which reuses the virus air that is ordinarily squandered in traditional plans, making our multideck fridges probably the most feasible and earth well-disposed models accessible.


With a Frost-Tech multideck chiller, you don't need to sacrifice an eye-getting display for predominant refrigeration, especially where the product is short-lived, or has a short time span of usability. They join better chilling limit with the capacity than make an eye-getting display.




Temperature and Substance 




The temperature goes you need will be directed by the items you wish to display. For the most part temperature extents will fall anyplace between 0˚C to 10˚C giving ideal conditions to most of refrigerated creates, for example, dairy, soda pops, cooked meats, sandwiches, products of the soil. In the event that you are hoping to include new meat layered display, you will require a lower temperature range to keep up food safety, normally in the locale of 0°C – 2°C.


In the event that you have to store solidified food, at that point you have to check the Display freezers category. Those commercial fridge displays are accessible with a temperature run from - 18°C to - 22°C reasonable for every solidified produce.




Highlights of your Premium Multideck Display Chiller 




There are various highlights which are beneficial while picking an open-fronted display fridge.

Removable base plates can give simpler cleaning access, guaranteeing that cleanliness doesn't need to be difficult work.

Auto defrost is another component that demonstrates valuable minimizing the measure of real effort required to look after hardware. Utilizing electric components to tenderly warmth the evaporator, any ice develop is dissolved, the water dissipates. Off-cycle defrost capacities are additionally accessible that expel any ice develop from the evaporator by incidentally delaying the refrigeration cycle.

Glass sideboards can build potential introduction when your multideck display fridge is disengaged, be that as it may, are outdated if the unit is contiguous other gear.

Stainless steel multideck completes are increasingly appropriate than standard white or other shading alternatives that possibly don't match to existing gear or don't commend the style and stylistic theme of the premises.




Additional features




Lighting is an extraordinary method to enlighten substance and present the stock in the most alluring way. Our Premium Multideck Display fridges have top-mounted premium Drove light.


When racks can be inclined, rack risers are ideal for preventing produce from tumbling off onto the shop floor.

Multidecks can be enormous, overwhelming, bulky bits of hardware. Castors are an incredible method to guarantee simple development and situating of gear in the case of during starting circumstance or during routine cleaning, service and upkeep. The castors are a furthermore picked choice with extra-charge so you have to tick this choice.


Night blinds are delicate window ornaments that can be drawn over the open front display during out of hours time frames. Despite the fact that not a standard component they are an extraordinary method for expanding the vitality effectiveness.



Multideck Fridge 



Multideck fridges become an uncommon arrangement when you need to present a wide extent of things in flawlessly chilled conditions. There is an extensive part of choices to consider before placing assets into a display fridge. Generally, found in superstores, shops and markets multidecks intensify presentation of cold goods. These multideck fridge displays engage inspiration "grab and go" purchases. Multidecks suit to hold new meats, results of the dirt. What's more, besides, dairy things, and generally helpful goods. Thusly, this adaptable equipment can be specially crafted to satisfy all display needs.


Slimline standard covered steel Multideck display chillers consummately suit in a grouping of shops, where food or drink are on the menu. It gives a good blend of top quality gathering and quality at a lower price. Anyway, with four portable generous racks, a top-mounted Drove light, similarly as the highest point of the range fragments, it's as yet an ideal choice if extending bargains is your goal.


We offer a wide extent of commercial fridge multidecks to suit all needs, like the Grab and Go fridge cabinets. A connecting with multideck fridge is a level out the requirement for any hypermarket or general store wanting to gather deals. Multidecks offer an extraordinary system to introduce a wide degree of things in perfectly chilled conditions. There are various choices to consider before setting resources into a multideck chiller.




What is a Multideck fridge? 




The title "multideck" is somehow a wide term which solidifies any multi-layered display refrigeration. Routinely display chiller storerooms are the most standard sort of open fridges for most of the shops.


Highlighting different racks the layered multideck fridge gathers that your things are noticeable, charming and put aside in impeccable conditions. Making a beguiling display that interests to clients, each accessible thing is earnestly familiar with animate a cheerful shopping experience and expansion of game plans.


Generally, found in superstores and markets that need to expand the introduction of cold item, these open front fridge displays are perfect for connecting with the "grab & go" buys. Game plans are open to holding new meats, verdant foods, dairy things. There, this deduces this versatile gear can be adjusted to fulfil all display needs.


Our multideck display is Essential or Module. That construes all parts are housed inside the apparatus with no outside fragments other than the electrical stock. The party unit/engine is routinely orchestrated underneath the base rack.




Multideck Chiller Highlights 




1.Vitality saving features

Furnished with low centrality blowers and warmth diminishing temperature reflecting night incognizant concerning developing the capacity of the fridge 24 hours out of every day.


2.Intended for effortlessness of upkeep, durability and flexibility

Requiring a 13amp force effortlessly, high-execution long-life fan engines with tempered steel spill plate getting along with oneself vanishing seepage structure. The slide-out get-together structure and fundamental access to the evaporator for basic cleaning.


3.Ideal thing display

Low front to improve open chiller volume getting along with a 4-level racking with acrylic rack edge risers and full glass end sheets consider an all-inclusive whole and course of action effect of your thing.


4.Electronic control

The wise controller displays temperature while keeping up the fridge temperature control, changed with defrost cycles to guarantee the right development of the gear and keep up things at an ideal temperature.


5.Driven lighting

Full length Drove illuminating props longer than fluorescent lighting, diminishing vitality use, which makes irrelevant warmth. The total of this makes Drove lighting stunning for the earth.



We are an overall maker of commercial refrigeration equipment, all through the world with 30 years exchanging.




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