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Frost-Tech is one of the world most recognizable commercial refrigeration manufacturer.  We are the market leader of a wide range of commercial fridge equipment for the coffee shop, patisserie, and general stores. Our company covers the design and manufacture of multidecks, patisseries, glass display chillers, display freezers and storage chillers and freezers. 


As a general commercial refrigeration producer, we ceaselessly set our customers first by giving the best commercial fridge organizers. Subsequently, we have among our customers a piece of the world's most discernable brands. 




Commercial Fridge

Frost-Tech ltd became one of the most noteworthy commercial fridge manufacturers in the world. We give a wide gathering of commercial chiller models. Moreover, these commercial refrigerator cabinets ideal suit in any regular factors from espresso stores to gigantic retailers. 
Frost-Tech’s environmental management is an essential element of our commercial refrigeration business, so we strive to achieve this in all of our manufacturing. We are dedicated to have shop fridges whith exceptional environmental qualities and which sets the standards of commercial eco fridges. 
We put all our vitality, creative mind and troublesome work into making these perfect Storage and Display Chillers. Advance presentation of your things with our commercial chillers that are expected to house and display distinctive food or reward things in a lovely and viably accessible manner, all perfectly cooled and arranged for serve. 


Standard Multideck Fridges


Premium Multideck Chillers


Standard Grab & Go Fridges


Premium Grab & Go Fridges


Standard Patisserie Display Fridges


Premium Patisserie Display Chillers


Standard Counter Fridges


Premium Countertop Fridges


Standard Upright Display Fridges


Premium Upright Display Chillers


Back Bar Chillers


Serve Over Counters


Standard Upright Gastronorm Fridges (Stainless Steel)


Premium Upright Gastronorm Chillers (Stainless Steel)


Premium Upright Storage Fridges (White)


Standard Under Counter Chillers


Premium Under Counter Fridges

Commercial Freezers

We offer the most even-objected and profitable sort of commercial freezer cabinets. We in like manner ensure that your food and sweets will remain at the best freshness. All our commercial refrigeration equipment agree to sanitation and neatness rules. 
Need a commercial freezer to pile up on those hardened treats? You'll have to know whether you need an unsupported or combined model, notwithstanding what size and the highlights you may like. Our commercial refrigeration steady guide will stroll around precisely that, so you can pick with sureness. 
Right when stock ought to be saved in chilled conditions, a commercial freezer ensures that it's other than imploringly displayed to raise bargains. 


Chest Display Freezers


Standard Upright Display Freezers


Premium Upright Display Freezer


Standard Meat Freezers (Stainless Steel)


Premium Meat Freezers (Stainless Steel)


Standard Upright Freezers (White)


Premium Upright Freezers (White)


Standard Under Counter Freezers


Premium Under Counter Freezers



Low Temperature Chest Freezers

Heated Displays



These heated display units are perfect for promoting a wide grouping of hot sustenance things, for instance, sausage moves, pies and pasties. 
With a glass front, inside lights and descending into sin passages, these commercial refrigeration units are expected to ensure safe accumulating and expand hot sustenance purchases. The hot units fuse a soddenness work that reduces sogginess setback and can store sustenance up to temperatures of 90°C. 
The food business runs on the idea of sustenance and organization. Fundamentally, you use the right Hot Multideck to guarantee that you can offer new and nutritious goods to the customers. 
To pull in the clients you moreover need to display it to reveal to them the variety that you are promoting. Taking care of and displaying arranged suppers is furthermore trying when diverged from the readied sustenance as it is logically helpless against minute life forms that ruin the sustenance. 


Heated Counter Displays


Heated Serve Over Displays


Heated Multidecks

Commercial refrigeration manufacturer


Frost-Tech see's energy efficiency as an important part of its overall philosophy and strives to attain the best environmental practice in all of its manufacturing operations. We are dedicated to developing & marketing commercial refrigerators cabinets which have exceptional environmental qualities. 


Whatever your business needs, Frost-Tech has the commercial refrigeration answer for you. Our range incorporates patisseries, upright cabinets, freezers, multidecks and capacity cabinets. The commercial fridges we gracefully are worked to the best expectations and are ideal for any business environment. Our elite display fridges offer an astounding refrigeration answer for various kinds providing food and retail activities. The Frost-Tech brand offers something for each business application, guaranteeing top quality, dependability, and vitality proficiency. 



Commercial Fridge for your business 


Frost-Tech commercial display fridge units join strong development with an alluring display to grandstand food and drink produce. Our glass door fridges are the ideal answer for shops, markets or bistros.


Arriving in a wide scope of sizes and styles – from enormous, triple or twofold door models to littler, single door models and even minimized countertop units, with pivoted or sliding doors and over or under mounted refrigeration frameworks - it's brisk and simple to pick your optimal display refrigerated cabinet. Obviously, shoppers will approach various sizes, as far as width, tallness and profundity.


With such a significant number of alternatives accessible finding the size and ability to suit your demands is straightforward. A selection of completions from dark steel to 304 stainless steel, can likewise be found guaranteeing that any style of business is supplemented and improved.


Having been providing organizations for over 30 years, we can offer you proficient guidance just as furnish you with the most exceptional, solid commercial freezers and chillers gear that will enable your organization to develop in sells and capacity as well as could be expected.


Therefore, we are focused on providing market driving commercial refrigeration arrangements which are both vitalities proficient and supportable. Helping your business or organization to lessen your costs both monetarily and to nature. Our storage chillers and display fridge units are totally produced utilizing quality, current and naturally solid European parts and our refrigerant improvement program empower us to offer the market the 'cleanest' refrigeration. This likewise assists with guaranteeing that your commercial fridge units invest more energy chilling than they do being fixed. 



Buy a Drinks Fridge


The entirety of our commercial refrigeration units is altogether tried to the best expectations. So you can purchase with certainty, realizing that your display fridge or storage chiller is fit for a reason quite a long time after month, after a seemingly endless amount of time after year.


As a component of our die-hard devotion, we will convey, gather and introduce your unit, fit to be loaded with your items. Such is our notoriety for quality and unwavering quality, we are pleased to be the ongoing providers of commercial fridge units to driving names, for example, Bistro Nero, Costa Espresso, Coffee1, Wenzels and Gail's Pastry shop.


At Frost-Tech ltd, we stock the most down to earth and effective models of drinks fridge available, guaranteeing that your beverages are held at ideal newness and prepared to serve.


Glass Door Chiller units are essentially ideal for putting away and cooling drinks and other produce, appealingly introducing what's accessible while keeping up ideal chilled conditions and all inside a snazzy casing. Consider us or put in your request online at this point.


At the point when stock should be kept cool, commercial drinks fridge guarantees that it's not just kept at the ideal serving temperature. It also additionally alluringly merchandises to boost deals. Regardless of whether it's being utilized in a lodging bar, sandwich shop, bistro or accommodation store, there's consistently an incredible display cooler alternative to best merchandise food or beverages.


Frost-Tech has an awesome scope of top-quality commercial chillers to suit an entire host of chilled cooking and food administration applications. We have numerous particular categories to look over. 



Multideck Fridge


Patisserie display fridge cabinets are perfect for eateries, cake and patisserie stores. Our top scope of cake chillers have full glass encompasses to see the items from any edge.


Our patisserie chillers come in any exquisite completions from covered steel to 304 stainless steel so whether you're anticipating utilizing it as a sandwich or cake display fridge our top-notch multideck chiller ideal match at the most reduced expense on the world market to suit.


Standard display fridge category is the home of the pervasive glass front merchandiser a staple of bistros, shops and accommodation puts away and down the nation. Multideck fridge units offer an incredible method to introduce a wide scope of items in consummately chilled conditions. The size of the cold multideck chiller you pick is significant.


Premium multideck cabinets have a lot of astonishing highlights like removable base plates, auto defrost, glass sideboards, premium lightning, night blinds, rack risers, and stainless steel wraps up. For the most part temperature ranges fall anyplace between - 2˚C to 10˚C giving ideal conditions to most of refrigerated creates.


Grab and Go display fridges are intended to house and present different food or refreshment items in a rich and effectively open way, all impeccably cooled and prepared for serve. Our Grab and Go fridge units help you to amplify the deals of "grab and go" nourishments. You have such a large number of alternatives to pick and purchase from the Standard to the premium display fridge category, so simply click on the connections and purchase. 


Upright Display Fridge


Upright display fridge is a piece of the glass door chiller category with multideck highlights. These drinks fridge cabinets have various sizes from the littler one glass door fridge. These are ideal appropriate in cafes, medical clinic cafeterias, general stores and schools. Commercial drinks chillers can be from the straightforward and enormous 2 doors commercial fridge units ideal for outlets where the demand for chilled drinks is high, for example, rec centres, sports clubs and pools.


Back Bar fridge cabinets with incorporated top-mounted light are an incredible method to appealingly displaying and merchandise your chilled drinks. These commercial refrigeration units are accessible in an assortment of shapes and sizes to suit your business. From low stature single door variants for little bars to enormous limit swinging doors bottle wells for celebrations and brandishing fields, there's a lot of decision and purchase. 


Serve Over Fridge


Serve Over Counter will offer an outstanding response for your giving food business that serves truly to customers while playing out an inconceivable activity in displaying new food to potential customers. 
Similarly, having things, for instance, cheddar, cooked meats and characteristic item alluringly displayed authentically before customers invigorate drive purchases and up-bargains per visitor. A normal sight in cooking associations a Serve Over Deli Display is an awesome technique to parade all method of product. 
Especially significant in food shops, delicatessens and takeaways, Serve Over Fridge counters keep your stock at the ideal temperature and offer a liberal chilled or encompassing accumulating limit. 
Above all, being prepared for keeping a wide grouping of food and drink things chilled for expanded time spans, the decisions gave by the Deli Displays make them an uncommon piece of commercial refrigeration equipment for a wide extent of takeaway settings.


Counter Fridge


Counter Fridge range is allowing the first-rate approach to draw your customers with cakes, nourishments developed starting from the earliest stage things. Our steel countertop fridge fits in cake stores or cafés which can be on your new or current counter. 
Ideal for smart sandwich or plate of blended greens arranging, the Countertop Chiller keeps up the compartment of fixings brilliantly chilled. With electronic controls and incredible solidified steel advancement, the countertop fridge is both easy to use and simple to clean. 
Counter Chiller is ideal for patisseries, cake shops, and impressively more, with their awesome features like the top-quality portions, twofold covered glasses, and numerous others. In particular, our first-class Counter Displays are open to the extent of different sizes and are suitable for establishments everything being equivalent and types.


Storage Fridge


Storage Chiller cabinets are ideal for putting away and cooling meat at ideal chilled conditions and all inside a rich edge. Thus, these providing food chillers keep up the best expectations, ideal for your kitchen. And to guarantee the most minimal costs, we have the meat fridge category and the under counter fridge classes. Along these lines, storage your chilled food in a brand new Frost-Tech commercial refrigeration cabinet.


Moreover, accessible in a variety of sizes, from slender storage fridge units to twofold fronted door cabinets, you can pick the perfect model for your retail space. Likewise, we have the white steel upright fridge models from the single door chiller, that is the less expensive one, to the Twofold door fridge.


Storage Fridge cabinets are our top stainless steel restaurant fridge providing food unit. And this is perfect for completely any cooking condition with an enormous volume limit, just as working fantastic under the extremely hot temperature of a bustling kitchen. This kind of coffee shop fridge hardware, similar to the Upright chiller, and Under Counter fridge is intended to work to 43ºC encompassing and is reasonable for raw meat. 


Commercial Freezer


Sliding glass chest freezer category offer snappy and simple access to solidified items like frozen yoghurt, meat and other. Our chest display freezer has a viable waste administration arrangement. This framework takes into consideration easy cleanliness systems as you arrange the abundance ice develop. The glass top chest freezer is the ideal answer for food outlets or stores needing extreme stockpiling limit with the tempting intrigue. 


Upright Freezer cabinets are perfect for any providing food condition where ideal freezing and sufficient food stockpiling are fundamental. Our stainless steel meat freezers are completely working in the warmth of a bustling kitchen, working up to the most extreme temperature of 43ºC.


From lodgings and eateries to class and medical clinic cafeterias, these commercial refrigeration capacity freezers, similar to the Upright Meat Freezer, and Under Counter Freezer are perfect for any commercial kitchen where sanitation is absolutely critical.


And in the event that you need an ultra-low temperature freezer, Frost-Tech has the ideal answer for you: the Low-Temp Chest Freezer, with an accessible scope of sizes from 130 litres to almost 500 litres limit and temperatures of - 45°C to - 86°C, contingent upon the model you pick. 



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Made by Frost-Tech in the ideal conditions and the greatest parts, you are ensured quality and execution, simply peruse our expansive determination and get in touch with one of our counsellors with the expectation of complimentary master, unprejudiced guidance.


We understand that the commercial fridges are indispensable to any business. That is the reason our tremendous scope of the commercial fridge and commercial freezer units have been intended to offer an answer for a business need.


Contact us to acquire the ideal suggestion from commercial refrigeration categories that suit your financial plan and needs. No other organization realizes commercial fridges like us, so contact our deal group on 0086 20 34901368 (China).



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